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BG ballmarkers began as a personal challenge...
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Bramble Golf is making honest golf gear that is long overdue.

Bramble Golf is designed for year-round, all-weather golfers, constructed to perform for decades - not just one or two seasons.  Stay tuned to Bramble Golf in 2014 - you can expect custom coin ballmarkers, and the opportunity to pre-order the best rain gear in golf - made in the Pacific Northwest of the USA where folks know a thing or two about living life & playing golf in "soft" (wet) conditions.

In the meantime, check out our vintage irish coin 
ballmarkers. Bramble Golf ballmarkers began as a personal challenge - to make a proper ballmarker from a real coin...  

I was 10 or 11 years-old, watching golf on TV - a great way to induce a mid-afternoon nap after a day of little league baseball - and I remember asking my Dad, "What are those little things the golfers are leaving on the putting green?".  "Those are ballmarkers, probably nickels & dimes", he said.  And I thought to myself, "Geez, I ought to get out there and scoop up those nickels & dimes!".  You see, I was a paperboy, so I worked for nickels and dimes... and picking them up off the golf course seemed a lot easier than delivering newspapers.

As I grew older and started playing golf myself, I too occasionally used a coin to mark a putt, but frankly I found regular coins to be imperfect ballmarkers - coins are too thick to putt across, so you are often measuring & moving them from the putting line of fellow players.  However, coins ARE nice and heavy, and durable... surely there is some way to convert a lucky coin into a proper ballmarker, I thought.

And thus Bramble Golf ballmarkers began as a personal challenge - to make a proper ballmarker from a real coin.  The task is not as easy as it sounds.  A regular coin doesn't lie flat on the green, and it doesn't remain in place if accidentally moved or kicked.  Furthermore, coins are relatively small objects that require a bit of skill & technique to modify.  But after some research, testing and prototype development, the initial batch of coins turned out to be excellent ball markers.  Friends & family quickly claimed those prototype coin ball markers, and thus the next challenge presented itself - how to make enough coin ballmarkers to satisfy demand. 

The front porch was converted into a workshop and old irish coins started becoming one-of-a-kind ballmarkers.  There were many coins to choose from - all decommissioned, of course - but irish coins are among the most aesthetic and interesting coins in the world.  Bramble will likely make ball markers from other (non-irish) coins someday soon... so feel free to make a

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Each season more golfers re-discover the game of golf as is was meant to be played: year-round in all weather conditions.  Our mission is to make gear that is worthy of this game and those who pursue it.

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